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RWS - Evolution
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Написав Waldemar Oldak Переглядів - 11888   
Понеділок, 21 липня 2008 14:01

rws_geschoss_evolution.gifFollowing intensive development, RWS presents a new generation of deformation bullets. They have brought together the best of the latest technologies to produce their new Evolution bullet. Using the most up to date bonding techniques, combined with a brilliant jacket design, the Evolutin will give impressive performance at all usual hunting distances.











  1. Bullet tail with ballistic calotte for excellent precision and flexibility in the barrel.
  2. Bullet core bonded with jacket for almost 100% residual weight.
  3. Lead core with precise hardness supports fragment-free deformation.
  4. Crimp groove for a defined fit of the bullet.
  5. Circular sharp edge for sufficient hair at point of impact.
  6. Increasing jacket wall thickness for controlled bullet deformation.


Available calibers:

  • 7 mm Rem. Mag. EVO 10.3 g / 159 gr
  • 7 x 64 EVO 10.3 g / 159 gr
  • 7 x 65 R EVO 10.3 g / 159 gr
  • .308 Win.  EVO 11.9 g / 184 gr
  • .30-06 EVO 11.9 g / 184 gr
  • .30 R Blaser  EVO 11.9 g / 184 gr
  • .300 WSM EVO 11.9 g / 184 gr
  • .300 Win. Mag.  EVO 11.9 g / 184 gr
  • 8 x 57 JS EVO 13.0 g / 201 gr
  • 8 x 57 JRS EVO 13.0 g / 201 gr
  • 8 x 68 S EVO 13.0 g / 201 gr
  • 9,3 x 62  EVO 18.8 g / 291 gr
  • 9,3 x 74 R EVO 18.8 g / 291 gr
For what types of game is the Evolution bullet suitable?
The constructive advantages (Rapid-X-Tip, Power Bonding, progressing wall thickness etc.) of the Evolution bullet especially consider the unexpected events of hunting. Thus irrespective of the range distance and the size of the game the bullet always assures reliable deformation with a residual weight of nearly 100 %. With heavier game the extraordinary penetration effect develops especially well. Thus depending on the caliber it is suitable for all European types of game, but demonstrates its dominance especially with heavier game (from 30 – 40 kg, depending on the caliber).
Innovative folding box
evo_stempel.gifRWS rifle cartridges with Evolution bullets are now available in an innovative folding box with fold-up information table. This contains important information about the characteristics oft the hunting bullets an the ballistic data which are frequently needed when hunting. Simply tear off and take it with you!
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