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Hunting in POLAND
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hunting poland



National hunters’ association

 Polski Zwiazek Lowiecki

Nowy Swiat 35, PL-00 029 Warszawa

(+) 48 22 827 20 51 / Fax (+) 48 22 826 33 22 / E-mail: Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів, Вам потрібно включити JavaScript для перегляду



The only national hunters’ organization of the country has both hunters and clubs as members. Its supreme body, the Delegate Assembly meets every 5 years and elects a 30-members Council which performs the Assembly’s duties between meetings. It, in turn, appoints the executive General Administration. Overall supervision and approval of Statutes is the task of the Ministry of the Environment, Natural Resources and Forests. The Association’s Bureau comprises the President, two Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary. Only the President is paid for his duties.

In 1972, the falconers joined the Association.




The basic law is the Act on rearing and protection of game and hunting of 17 June 1959, amended n 1973. All game living in the wild belongs to the Polish State. The hunting right does not belong to the landowner and can only be exercised by members of the Polish Hunters’ Association, the only national hunters’ organization. The country is divided into 5250 hunting territories with a minimum area of 3000 ha. Territories are rented out to legally constituted clubs, on 10-year contracts, by the provincial governor (open land) or the regional forestry Director (woodland).

4814 territories are thus rented out, whilst the rest are managed by the authorities. Average huntable area by hunter is not greater than 300 ha.

Hunting clubs pay for game rearing and protection, the hunting lease and game damage to crops. Yearly shooting plans are drawn up and approved by the forestry administration. Clubs’ income accrues from membership fees, sales of game meat, hunts organized for foreign visitors, and export of live game (especially Hares). Clubs must employ a gamekeeper, acting in official capacity, on each territory.


Hunting permits

Conditions for obtaining a hunting permit

- one-year apprenticeship in hunting club

- passing hunting exam

- minimum age: 18

- no criminal record

- polish nationality 

The Polish Hunters’ Association is open to persons without a hunting permit (and therefore no

hunting right) and to foreigners with a permanent resident’s permit in Poland.

Apart from the hunting permit, persons whishing to exercise hunting rights must have the

following documents:

- a membership card of the Polish Hunters’ Association ‘issued annually on payment of subscription)

- a hunting firearms permit issued by the police (once for all)

- a game shooting indicating species, bag limit and territory (valid for one month)

Delivery of Visitors hunting permits

Foreigns hunters need:

- a permanent resident’s permit (which enables them to join the Association)

- a hunting permit issued by an authorized tourist agency





Restrictions do not apply; the most common calibres are 12, 16, and 20-bore.


shot is recommended.


Minimum striking energy at 100 m:

* Roe Deer ≥ 1000 J

* Other large game: ≥ 2000 J, and minimum 7 mm.



Species Open seasons

Roe deer

M 11/05 - 30/09

F 01/10 – 15/01

Brown hare

15/10 – 15/01

Wild boar

F 01/08 – 15/01

M 01/04 - 28/02

Red fox

01/10 – 28/02


M 01/09 – 31/11

F 01/10 – 30/12

Red deer

M 21/08 - 28/02

F 01/09 – 15/01

Fallow deer

01/10 – 15/01


01/11 – 28/02


M 01/10 – 28/02

Wild ducks

01/09 – 21/12


11/09 – 21/10



The Polish Hunters’ Association has a Gundog Commission, which organizes dog trials, in association with its provincial sections. It has a dog training centre, and works alongside the Polish Kennel Club (FCI Member).



Hunting Museums

Muzeum Lowiectwa i Jezdziectwa

Ul. Swolezerow 9, 00664 Warszawa

��/fax: +48 2 6284699

Hunting Press

Lowiec Polski (Polish hunter)

Ul. Nowy Swiat 35, 00664 Warszawa

��/fax: +48 22 264613



1995 - Handbook of Hunting in Europe, FACE,





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